iPad Sleeve – Wood & Wool

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Product: iPad Sleeve – Wood & Wool
Retailer: Woodchuck Case

The WOODCHUCK real wood tablet sleeve is handmade in Minneapolis, MN. 100% USA Made. The Traveler Series is the most unique tablet sleeve on the market. Made from 100% real wood and 100% real wool felt, it combines two of the most natural and authentic materials on the planet. Tradition meets innovation through a combination of hand crafted wood, and high quality wool. This is the next generation of lifestyle accessories. This is the WOODCHUCK Traveler series.

  • Made from premium wool and locally sourced Cherry wood
  • Includes two pockets for your accessories and chargers
  • 100% real wood. 100% premium wool. 100% USA made
  • Collections: iPad, New, Real Wood Custom Cases for Electronics, Tablets, Traveler Series
  • Category: iPad
  • Type: Wool