Invisible English Plate Hanger Disc

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Product: Invisible English Plate Hanger Disc
Retailer: Amazon
brand: J&Y Crossman

Invisible English Plate Hanger Disc

(For Plates 8 to 12 Inches in Diameter)

These Invisible Disc Adhesive Plate Hangers hold china, porcelain, crafts, large trays and platters, decorative tiles, and home decor of many different sizes and shapes. Each plate hanger holds up to 5.5 pounds. These 4″ Disc Hangers work great to hang large size plates up to 12 inches in diameter. Use two or more to hang platters between 7-11 pounds. Their larger size allows you to trim them to avoid rims and edges on pottery, ceramics, and dishes. They are the best size for a variety of uses from large to small plates.

  • Invisible
  • Disc Easily Removes
  • No Distracting Wires or Hooks
  • Will not Damage Plates like Wire Plate Hangers