Industrial Felt Coasters

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Product: Industrial Felt Coasters
Retailer: Branch Home
brand: Josh Jakus
Designer: Josh Jakus

Producing the handles for a few of his other pieces — namely, the Tote and Winepocket — left Josh Jakus with large numbers of leftover felt rounds, which just happened to be the perfect size and shape for coasters.

We love the fact that this item is a waste product (cutouts) from a waste product (industrial wool felt is itself made from factory excess wool). We also love the way the coasters are presented: the set of 6 is linked by a single seam of heavy orange thread. Simply cut them apart to use them; the stitched stripe remains.

Materials: 100% industrial wool felt, nylon stitching. (Industrial felt is made from approximately 85% factory excess wool and 15% mixed fibers.)