Indigo Dye Kits – Shibori Wrapper

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Product: Indigo Dye Kits – Shibori Wrapper
Color: Blue

Experience the magic of indigo in your backyard!  Each indigo dye kit comes wrapped in a unique cotton shibori wrapper, dyed individually in our studio, and indigo dyed cotton lace trim.

  • Each kit will dye 3-8 items, depending on size and depth of shade.

Kit includes:

  • natural indigo dye and auxiliaries packed in dissolvable paper*
  • instructions with some shibori ideas for making patterns
  • 10 rubber bands for pattern making
  • 1 pair of biodegradable latex gloves

This kit will dye natural fibers only such as cotton, linen, hemp and silk.  It will not dye man-made fibers such as polyester or nylon.