Imbibe x KM Japanese Cocktail Set

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Product: Imbibe x KM Japanese Cocktail Set

We partnered with Imbibe magazine to create a cocktail set themed around Japan, where precision is paramount when it comes to making a drink. Includes stainless steel strainer, spoon and ice bucket, glass carafe and drinking glasses. All made in Japan.

The cocktail wizards at Imbibe magazine hand-selected the tools in this cocktail-making set. Each tool is precision-made in Japan to create artful drinks in the thoughtful and measured style that the nation’s bartenders have adapted.

The set contains a cocktail strainer, bar spoon, and ice bucket, each made of stainless steel, as well as a glass carafe for mixing or serving, and six drinking glasses.

The stainless-steel cocktail strainer prevents ice, muddled fruit or crushed herbs from ending up in your drink. The Hawthorne-style has a spring that settles into the rim of the glass, making it ideal for creating a classic sazerac.

The long bar spoon can be used to create stirred cocktails such as the negroni. The spiral shaped shaft on this stainless steel version allows you to stir contents quickly without introducing excess air into the drink.

Ice is a key component in many cocktails, and this stainless steel bucket elegantly holds a generous amount of cubes. A modern set of tongs lets you grab each cube with ease, and a perforated drip tray at the base ensures that the ice is not sitting in melt water. The bucket can double as a chilling container for bubbly, should the occasion call for a champagne cocktail.

Use the elegant glass carafe to stir and serve your cocktails into the slim drinking glasses, all made of a strong soda-lime glass by a heritage Japanese maker.

This cocktail set also includes the most recent issue of Imbibe magazine, where you’ll find recipes, interviews, and more news on liquid culture.

  • Carafe: 8.25″ high x 3.25″ in diameter (21 x 8 cm)
  • Glasses: 2.75″ high x 2.75″ in diameter (7 x 7 cm)
  • Materials : Stainless steel, Soda-lime glass
  • Made in Japan