Homemade Home for Children

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Product: Homemade Home for Children
Retailer: Amazon
Designer: Sania Pell

Following the success of The Homemade Home, Sania Pell now turns her attention to a younger audience, creating a stylish, innovative, contemporary and child-friendly collection of 50 projects for parents to make with and for their offspring.
There are ideas for decorating the nursery and children s bedrooms, with great storage tricks, display ideas, and decorations ranging from a space-travel themed banner to headboard embellished with silk flowers. When it s playtime, choose from making planes from balsa wood, sewing simple yet fun costumes, or creating a fabulous play boat from a metal bath tub and a canvas sail. There are suggestions for the garden too, including a waterproof picnic rug and a play tent which utilizes the washing line rather than cumbersome tent poles. There are even quick ways to customize children s store-bought clothing by adding collars, appliqué, and buttons. If you can thread a needle, hold a paintbrush, or wield a glue gun, you will find this book packed with inspirational ideas