Hiya Bookshelf

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Product: Hiya Bookshelf
Designer: Bob Springer
Retailer: Design Public

Spot On Square was founded by modern parents Bob & Nicole Springer. They believe children should be surrounded by simple, eco-conscious, quality products that promote an appreciation for design.

The Hiya series is named after Bob & Nicole’s son… a nickname given to him by his twin sister as soon as she could utter her first words. The Hiya series conveys a childlike sense of purity, simplicity and sustainability.

The Hiya Book Shelf is made to be used by kids and adults alike. The upper left and lower right doors hide the items you don’t want out while the open shelves provide an area for placing books and toys on display.

  • Includes safety strap, mounted to wall for extra stability.
  • Solid construction using single-sheet panels.
  • Polar white MDF shelf body.
  • Doors available in white painted MDF, birch wood or natural bamboo.
  • Ships fully assembled.

Prices range from $499.00 to $625.00