Hexactly Blocks

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Product: Hexactly Blocks
Retailer: Fat Brain Toys

Hexactly Blocks

  • 24 Congruently cool & colorful hexagonal building blocks
  • Stack, balance, sculpt patterns of your original creation
  • Precise angles, thick blocks result in satisfying, cohesive structures
  • Engage imagination, complex thinking, visual spatial acuity
  • Thousands of captivating designs result
  • 24 colorful, durable HexActly blocks
  • 5 unique hexagon-based pieces – a single hexagon; 2, 3, and 4 hexagons – joined in linear arrangement; 3 hexagons joined a non-linear arrangement
  • Full-color illustrated Building Guide with 20 engaging design challenges
  • Includes facts of hexagons in nature & mechanics