Hermann Oak Harness Leather Straps

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Product: Hermann Oak Harness Leather Straps

We use the same high grade harness leather we use on our pack saddles for all of our leather strapping. We have the leather sides leveled to an even 13 ounce thickness (5.2mm or 13/64″). Each strap is then hand cut from the best part of the hide and edged.

We use only traditional Old World Hermann Oak harness leather for our straps, pack saddle rigging, breeching and breastcollars. Why Hermann Oak? Because Hermann Oak has continually set the standard for quality leather tanning since 1881, and is now one of the few American tanneries remaining. They know that quality leather begins with the best hides. The Hermann Oak Leather Company uses only Prime Grade Heavy U.S. Native Steer Hides in their St. Louis tannery. They still use the finest natural tree bark in their tanning liquors for wonderful richness and texture. The leather is tanned until it is firm, strong, and tight-fibred. Their skilled technicians then hand-work each side for a smooth, consistent, even-colored piece of leather. Ideal for pack saddles and tack, Hermann Oak harness leather offers exceptional weather wear, thickness, ease of cutting, and durability.