Henry Kloss : Model One Radio

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Product: Henry Kloss : Model One Radio
Designer: Henry Kloss
Retailer: Lumens
brand: Tivoli Audio

The Tivoli Model One Radio, a Henry Kloss design, is the answer when performance and simplicity are paramount but space is sparse. With just three knobs, it is the antithesis of today’s ever more complex electronics products. Totally self-contained, the Model One Radio has impressive sound and far better reception than other radios on the market.

In 2000, Tivoli Audio was founded by Tom DeVesto and audio engineer and design great Henry Kloss. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Tivoli Audio’s goal is to create beautiful and simple-to-use radios, speakers and other audio products that are high-quality but affordable. Tivoli Audio stays on the cutting edge by pairing clean, classic forms and functionality with state-of-the art electronics and wireless technologies.

The Model One Radio is available with the following:

  • State of the art, discrete-component FM tuner featuring GaAs MES-FET mixers
  • Large analog tuning knob
  • Rear 75-ohm jack allows connection of an external FM antenna
  • Built-in AM and FM antennas provide satisfying reception
  • Headphone jack
  • Auxiliary input to connect a portable CD player or other device
  • Record output for recording, or to use the Model One as a high-quality outboard tuner
  • Utilizes an external FM antenna
  • 108″ power cord
  • One year warranty
  • Designed by Henry Kloss
  • Color: Black and Silver, Classic Walnut and Beige
  • Item: Height 4.5″, Width 8.38″, Depth 5.25″