Hay & Folke Pålsson’s J77 Chair

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Product: Hay & Folke Pålsson’s J77 Chair
Retailer: A R
Color: Black, Cream, Gray, Red, White
Designer: Folke Palsson
brand: Hay

Danish maker HAY’s revival of the J77 Chair and its companion pieces harken back to the very democratization of design, in furnishings from the classic collection originally made more than 50 years ago for FDB (The Danish Consumers’ Co-operative Society). With the advent of industrial production, FDB was able to manufacture ably designed furniture at relatively low prices. Consequently, Folke Pí¥lsson’s slat-back chair brings back memories for many Scandinavians but it looks just as fresh and modern today. Then, as now, a guiding functionalism dictated an avoidance of trendiness and an emphasis on fine materials and careful finishes, to timeless effect.

  • SIZE: 31″ h x 17″ w x 17″ d (79x43x43cm) 
  • Seat height: 17.5″ (44.5cm)
  • MATERIAL: Solid beech, stained