Hay – Chop Chop, Calacatta Marble

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Product: Hay – Chop Chop, Calacatta Marble
Retailer: Connox
Color: Gray
brand: Hay

The Chop Chop chopping board by Hay consists of massive Calacatta marble, which equips every practical chopping board with an individual marbling.

This massiveness is the one giving the Chop Chop its character and making it nearby indestructible – if it isn’t embraced by heavy devices. The Chop Chop is also extremely easy to be cleaned because of the white marble – you will have found a lifetime friend with it.

Thanks to the noble marble, the Hay Chop Chop isn’t only good to chop food, but it is also suitable to present different things on top of it.

  • Material : calacatta marble
  • Color : grey
  • Dimensions : Height: 1.5 cm, Depth: 18 cm, Length: 35 cm
  • Item no. : 120286
  • EAN : 5710441013617