Hay – About A Chair AAC 20

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Product: Hay – About A Chair AAC 20
Retailer: Connox
Designer: Hee Welling

About a Chair Hay is a collection of chairs with striking simplicity in design. With it, the designer Hee Welling has reached a new level in the combination of form, function, comfort, detail and aesthetics.

The About A Chair AAC 20 has armrests and a rotating four-legged base. The seat shell is made of polypropylene, the frame made of aluminum. About a Chair is deliberately kept simple and plain, and therefore can just be easily combined with all the other furniture and environments.

According to the ideas of designer Hee Welling should the About a Chair-chairs also in the restaurant or in the canteen feel at home as in the office, at home or dining table at the conference table. In this context, the idea of “‹”‹simplicity to guarantee multi-functionality and compatibility.

About a Chair is a series of chairs that can be combined not only with other furniture, but also among themselves, because all seats and frames can be combined as desired. Always there is the perfection and design aesthetics and never get the chairs look like accidental and unintentional.

material: polypropylene, powder coated cast aluminum