Hansa Ride-On Sheep

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Product: Hansa Ride-On Sheep
Color: Brown
Retailer: pucciManuli

Hansa Ride-On Sheep

Did you know? Sheep, a member of Order Artiodactyla, are found extensively in Australia, New Zealand, South America, and the western United States. Domestic sheep are believed to have descended from the Mouflon, found in the mountains from Turkey to southern Iran. Sheep have horizontal slit shaped pupils. The narrower the pupil, the more accurate the depth perception of peripheral vision is. Animals like goats and sheep may have evolved horizontal pupils because better vision in the vertical plane may be beneficial in mountainous environments.

Hansa is respected the world over for its finely crafted collection of our planet’s animal kingdom. Originally created for exclusive European collectors, each plush animal is meticulously handcrafted from portraits of real animals in their natural habitat. By themselves, or paired with other Hansa Animals, these marvelous creatures make wonderful best friends for children, adults, and collectors alike. In addition, interior designers the world over often turn to Hansa animals when designing unique, one-of-a-kind spaces. Display them in groups, or use their large, signature animals, complete with lightweight steel frames designed to hold up to 150 pounds, to set the theme of a room.