Handmade Apple Twig Four Pack

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Product: Handmade Apple Twig Four Pack

Hard Cider – Handmade Apple Twig Four Pack

A must have for the home brewer or really advanced gardener who wants to stay hydrated! These OOAK solid, sturdy handmade beverage box is made to fit four glass bottles – perfect for your next batch of beer, hard cider, or clear cool water on a hot day!

Box is made out of dense reclaimed Brazilian hardwood and thick wire that has been shaped to match the angles of the bottle flip tops. A rustic apple tree limb has been fashioned into a sturdy handle.

Carrier is available with no bottles for $38.00 and with bottles for $48.00. Please send us a message if you would like flip top bottles in other colors. Amber is standard but we can can send you clear or blue as well! Just let us know what you prefer and give us a day or two to get it all together!