Hammered Pewter Pocket Flask

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Product: Hammered Pewter Pocket Flask

Airtight, screw-top pewter flask with unique hand-hammered, high-polish finish. Holds 3 oz. of liquid. Slim design for compact storage and simple pocket carry. Handmade in Sheffield, England, since 1949.

The slim, streamlined profile of this flask–less than one inch thick–allows for discrete and compact storage in a sport coat or pants pocket. When the flask is in hand, however, discretion goes out the window with its unique, hand-hammered and brightly polished surface.

Handmade from English pewter, which meet the requirements set out by the European Committee for Standardization, this flask is 92% tin, a metal that is an essential trace mineral. The malleability of tin requires the production of pewter to include other metals, such as bismuth, antimony or copper, though, in order to be properly called pewter, tin values must reach at least 85%.

  • 4.8 inches long x 2.3 inches wide x 0.8 inches thick (12 cm x 5.8 cm x 2 cm)
  • Holds 3 oz. of liquid
  • Materials : Lead-free pewter
  • Made in U.K.