Guirlande lumineuse

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Product: Guirlande lumineuse

Lights wicker, guaranteed!

Lit, the grounds of wicker are reflected on the walls.

Magic as in the Moroccan souks or I asked the production in small size. Artisans will make them for me in this format (that’s very thorough).

The balls, 20 lights (warm white) are mounted on a white light string that includes a switch, practice!

The balls are hanging from garland with rattan (which you can remove).

Dimensions of the garland: 7 meters of yarn with 4.75 m from the first to the last ball +2.25 wire to the outlet. The switch is located 0.75 cm from the last ball (so there is 1.5 m to the outlet).

Very decorative, it dresses a natural interior, Japanese style, fresh and light in the air.

In small shop we tend to want to hang around! The garland has always been one of our favorite indirect lighting. An air of permanent feast, which recalls the spirit tavern. There are long now, children who came to the house we asked if we were celebrating Christmas all the time! Now this type of lighting has won acclaim but remains synonymous with gaiety!

Above the bed is a perfect, magical, magical night. Above a bench, she immediately gives charm and defines a serene space. It is very decorative even extinct. Mobile, it moves according to his desires.

Do not use as a real source of light but rather as an indirect light that warms the atmosphere.

In the same spirit you may like may table lamps, various baskets to ask and to suspend, etc.

And you where you put your wreath?