Greenhouse Finish Terracotta Pots

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Product: Greenhouse Finish Terracotta Pots
Designer: Guy Wolff
Retailer: Wakefield Studio

In Victorian England, local potters made terra cotta pots in large quantities for the conservatories or greenhouses of local estates. Large conservatories and estates would order these pots in huge volume, (in fact by the ton!) because each greenhouse needed to be stocked with thousands of pots; used to start, propagate and 'winterover' their plants. In Victorian times, these pots cost only pennies a piece, and we have done our best to keep them affordable today by working with a talented group of potters in China who make each pot by hand on the potters wheel. (Peter has traveled to China many times now in order to work with them). The Guy Wolff Greenhouse finish is produced by painstakingly hand staining each piece. This collection reproduces the simple and functional qualities of the 19th century greenhouse pots, as well as their value in price to you.