Greek Paperclips

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Product: Greek Paperclips
Retailer: KIOSK
  • No 2: 2.5″ x 2.5″ x .5″; No 5: 2.75″ x 2.75″ x 1.5″
  • Metal

You say: Greek paperclips? Why Greek paperclips? especially when Kiosk already offers the brass kind from Sweden. Socratically, I answer your question with another question: Does the north differ from the south in every land? Take a look: the shape of the Swedish clip, which we had thought was unique, is also found in Greece. However, the Greek variant is not shiny brass, all polished up. No, these clips are of a basic, unpolished metal, likely made from scraps of steel. But they work too. Now, so as not to get all philosophical here, let’s talk about economics for a moment, and compare outward appearances. Look at the difference between Stockholm, Sweden and Athens, Greece, both wonderful places. However, one is extremely outward in it’s appearance, polished and shinning; whereas the other has seen better days. Underneath the surface however, in the north, you find a conservative government, whittling away social programs while rocking their society to complacency in front of flat screen televisions; yet, in the south, you see protests and people coming together. To be Swedish means… what now? To be Greek means something more, Greek with a big capital G. Naturally, it’s all extremely complex, and I only have my opinion to offer based on what I have witnessed and heard; I’m not 100% informed. But I know what I see, hear and feel when I am in both places; and although Greece is “broken” economically, I saw more joy there in one hour than I would see in a week in Stockholm. And so, here I offer you these humble paperclips. With their beautiful shape, they get the job done.