Greek Beeswax Candles

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Product: Greek Beeswax Candles
Retailer: KIOSK
  • small: .25″ diameter x 9″, set of five
  • medium: .5″ diameter x 12.5″, set of two
  • large: .75″ diameter x 15″; set of two
  • (all dimensions approximate)
  • Beeswax

You know the merits of beeswax right? Smokeless, burns slower, smells good, smells very good. Candles play a very significant role in the Greek Orthodox church. I’m not particularly interested in their religious significance frankly. I tried researching it for some time, but the information I found was so varied, I gave up. Churches are everywhere in Greece, but I should clarify, by saying The Church is everywhere in Greece, almost a little too everywhere. When it comes to candles, a lot are being used in Greece, and since they are used for church, the quality is very good–a demanding audience/lot. We stopped into one service at Agios Dionyssios in Athens. It was that church’s saint day, and they were going the whole nine yards, even the military was brought out in full regalia. Lots of candles were burning, but no smoke was in the air, as the candles were of beeswax. When I visit a church, I light a candle for my father and my mother; the ongoing joke I have is to place them as far apart as possible in their holders. Marco looks at me like I am sinner every time I repeat this one-liner. He’s not religious, but he was raised by a father from a line of Calvinist priests, so he has some heavy stuff in there. Marco considered becoming a priest; a neon-making priest would be pretty cool. Greek beeswax candles are a little olive in color, more green than yellow like what we have here.

Prices range from $6.00 to $12.00