Ghana Bolga Baskets

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Product: Ghana Bolga Baskets

Open Top, Large 17.5″ Across
Approximately 17.5 inches Across X 19.5 inches Tall (plus handles)

This hamper has an open top and two sturdy handles. Great for organizing childrens' rooms, for laundry, or any number of household organization tasks. Weavers in the region use the abundant Vetavera grass to weave these useful baskets. Leather wrapped handle adds to the durability and beauty.

Easily reshape your basket by quickly submerging in water (keep leather dry), reshape by hand and let dry. Although we attempt to ship all baskets fully shaped, some baskets may need a little bit of shaping when they arrive to you.

You will receive a sheet with instructions on how to shape as well as a full sheet of info on Ghana baskets. You get this exact basket and we offer low shipping prices. This basket is too large to be shipped outside the continental US.