German Glass Tea Pot With Strainer

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Product: German Glass Tea Pot With Strainer
Color: Clear

This tea pot is made of heat-resistant glass. The removable glass strainer allows you to steep tea directly inside the pot. Larger leaf tea is recommended (as a gauge: we found yerba mate is too fine and slips through the thin slits of the strainer).

Made of borosilicate glass, the tea pot will accommodate temperatures up to 450°C (842°F). (You still need to be careful of the handle when picking up the teapot if the contents are still very hot.) Borosilicate glass is a strong material used in laboratories and kitchens due to its resistance to thermal expansion and shock. It is 17% lighter than aluminum – making pouring easier when hosting your next afternoon tea.

The glass body is machine blown in order to achieve exact measurements and sizes, while the spouts and handles are manually attached.

  • Dimensions : 5 ½ inches high x 11 inches at widest point (with spout and handle)
  • Holds around 40 ounces.
  • Materials : Heat-resistant glass
  • Made in Germany