Georg Oak Hangers

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Product: Georg Oak Hangers
brand: Skagerak

Georg Bügel m/Leder, Eiche FSC 100%

Some furniture takes central of locations in the home, while others than additional pieces of furniture are placed into a corner, in order to facilitate the everyday life and take possible little place. The new series George takes these furniture as starting point and lends to them the value in the furnishing, which they earn. It covers a console table, a bank, a stool, a mirror and clothes with coat-hangers.

  • 17.7 w | 1.2 d | 4.3 h in.
  • Georg Hangers w/ Leather
  • Designer: Christina L. Halstrí¸m
  • Manufactured by: Skagerak Denmark
  • Dimensions (in): 17.7 w | 1.2 d | 4.3 h

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