Geo-grafia Paper Globe

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Product: Geo-grafia Paper Globe
Retailer: Geo-grafia
brand: Geo-grafia

earth’s axis, 23.4 degrees. [MATERIAL] sectional globe

A sectional globe with which you can experience the earth’s configuration. Is configured such that when placed on a desk, it leans at exactly the angle of the earth’s tilt (23.4 degrees).

MATERIAL is a series that showcases a range of compact globes with a variety of materials as themes, and which focuses on graphic patterns and paper textures.

  • scale : 1/85,000,000
  • size : 140í—140í—140 (when finished)
  • color : METAL[M] / LEATHER[L] / WOOD[W]
  • material : paper
  • printing: UV screen printing+micro flute printing
  • Product No. : SGM-S-M / SGM-S-L / SGM-S-W