Geneva Sound System

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Product: Geneva Sound System
Retailer: Amazon
Color: Black, Red, White
Designer: Geneva Lab

The Geneva Sound System Model M is a complete bookshelf sized stereo system crafted in a single cabinet made out of piano lacquered wood. The compact system houses two (left & right) separate Hi-Fi speakers and uses patented technology to deliver true stereo imaging. Driven by a powerful digital amplifier, it delivers an audio performance that competes with much larger conventional Hi-Fi systems.

Many functions are integrated into one compact cabinet not even 20 centimeters high, including an iPod/iPhone Universal Dock, a digital radio tuner with presets, and a line-in jack. Each speaker is individually powered and chambered for accurate acoustics. You’ll discover that the Model M is the easiest multi-function stereo ever.

  • The Model M cabinet is a strikingly seamless design statement that disguises the power and versatility of the hi-fi system hidden inside. The cabinet’s woodworking features traditional intarsia techniques to create the subtle radius corners
  • TouchLight controls full menu of iPod
  • Digital radio with alarm; easy to program and control
  • Stereo-mini input for all auxiliary audio
  • Piano lacquer wood cabinet, available in three finishes
  • A robust yet compact complete stereo with four speakers (4″ woofers, 1″ tweeters) individually powered by 100 (4×25) Watt Class D Digital amplifier and EmbracingSound DSP
  • It is compatible with iPhone 4S and earlier and dock has a 30 pin connection.
  • Piano lacquer wood cabinet.