Galvanized Oval Wash Tubs

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Product: Galvanized Oval Wash Tubs
Retailer: Main St. Supply

Galvanized Oval Wash Tubs 3.5 Gal – 73145 Omega Oval Wash Tubs are great for household or utility use. These 3.5 gallon oval tubs are also great for holding your favorite beverages, snacks or utensils at parties, picnics, barbeques and apple bobbing contests.

The Omega Oval Wash Tubs are made of galvanized steel and have double seamed bottoms and reinforced tops.

These Oval Wash Tubs have easy carry, extra heavy bail handles. Omega Oval Wash Tub can also be used as a planter. 3.5 Gallons Size OOT-00.

Height: 5.98″ Top 17.63″ x 11.02″ Bottom 16.33″ x 8.58″