Fuji Red Tea and Coffee Pot

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Product: Fuji Red Tea and Coffee Pot
Retailer: Zingerman's

Design lust.

If I was making a list of things we sell that are designed drop dead gorgeous this would be at the top. (If you’re interested in my other picks I’d definitely include Alziari and Savignola Paolina olive oils and Ortiz tuna).

From Japan, a luminescent tea and coffee pot, made from enameled metal. The glaze has a touch of orange in the red which makes the piece feel like its glowing long before you put anything warm inside. Speaking of which, use it to brew a pot of tea. Or set a pour over cone on top and make coffee for two. It sports the same thin elephant-trunk spout you’ll find on our Hario kettle which means it pours precisely and never makes a mess.

Stands about six inches tall, holds 20 ounces of liquid.