Frisbee Trash Bin 30L – Olive Green

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Product: Frisbee Trash Bin 30L – Olive Green
Retailer: Everyday Needs
Color: Green

This amazing rubbish bin is made from epoxy metal and is a design statement for your kitchen. “I didn’t want to design just another trash bin. This one is shaped like the body of an aircraft, with a perfect finish. Its ultra-flat lid resembles a frisbee, and when you close it, it sounds like the door of a sedan,” Frédéric Périgot. Made in France.

In 1995 French industrial designer Fréderic Perigot created the eponymous brand Perigot, pioneer and leader in its field of utilitarian design. “Hardware shops were a punishment. We have transformed them into a pleasurable purchasing experience. It was necessary to take the pain and guilt out of these objects. Our products have a graphic side and a quality image.”