Frabosk Heat Diffuser Plate

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Product: Frabosk Heat Diffuser Plate
Retailer: Espresso Zone
brand: Frabosk

This versatile Frabosk induction diffuser plate offers all of the advantages of a standard diffuser or trivet, with the added benefit of enabling non-induction cookware and pots to be used on your induction stove. Can be used on any type of stove to allow more gentle heat transfer, and when using smaller espresso makers on gas stoves it provide a stable surface and prevent flames from going up the side of the pot.

  • Frabosk induction diffuser plate
  • Material 18/0 stainless steel construction
  • removable handle
  • suitable for use on gas, electric, glass, ceramic and induction stoves
  • Made in Italy
  • dimensions:
    • small: 5-3/4″ dia.
    • large: 8-3/4″ dia.

Prices range from $52.69 to $70.89