Fowler Light Fixture

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Product: Fowler Light Fixture
Retailer: Greg Hatton
Designer: Joseph Fowler

Recycled Depression era glass Fowler jar pendant lights

Joseph Fowler set up a fruit bottling business in Burke Road, Melbourne in the early 1900’s and he sold his preserving kits door to door from the back of a cart until he opened a shop in Hawthorn in 1920. During the Depression ‘Fowler Kits’ which included a sterilizer, bottles, lids, rings and a thermometer, became a household name as house wives were urged to bottle their own fruit and jams by ‘Mrs B Thrifty’ – the cartoon character who graced the firms advertisements.

Bakelite fittings with 2.5 m cotton sheathed cord and 25watt globe. Available in 4 different sizes/colours. Commission for Melbourne store Husks Christmas windows. Available at Husk or from us. Prices on Application.

Price on request.