Fog Linen Tray

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Product: Fog Linen Tray
Color: Black
Retailer: Shop Fog Linen
Designer: Yumiko Sekine

Japanese designer Yumiko Sekine uses raw linen from Lithuania to create the base for her Fog Linen Trays (2008), which is then coated in durable and dishwasher-safe melamine plastic. The coating allows the texture of the linen to come through, while providing a clean platform for serving snacks and appetizers. With basic, functional shapes, there’s an honest simplicity to Sekine’s work, which is also reflected in how the Fog Linen Collection began. When Sekine had her first small apartment, she decided to make herself a few things, like an apron and a cover for her teapot. When she moved to a larger apartment, she needed a few more things, like a kitchen cloth and pot holder. Basically, every time Sekine moved to a larger space, her Fog Linen Collection grew, adapting to fit her household needs.