Fog Linen Coaster – Knit

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Product: Fog Linen Coaster – Knit
Retailer: Muhs Home
Designer: Yumiko Sekine

Designed by Yumiko Sekine of Fog Linen in Tokyo and produced in Lithuania. The Fog Linen line of everyday products features all the great properties of linen: high absorbency, strength, durability, and increased softness with time while staying lint-free.

These linen coasters are crocheted by hand individually, so each may vary in design. They are designed to coordinate well with other Fog Linen products as well as your existing decor. Feel free to mix and match with other coasters.

  • 100% linen, in natural flax.
  • Made in Lithuania.
  • Approx. 3-1/2″ square.
  • Machine wash cold. Lay flat or line dry.