Flexible LED Strip Light Sample Kit

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Product: Flexible LED Strip Light Sample Kit
Retailer: Elemental LED

The Flexible LED Strip Light Sample Kit helps you compare five of our non-waterproof LED strip lights. If seeing is believing, then this all-inclusive LED light strip kit is all you need to show you the differences in brightness and light quality offered by our five most popular strips. We’ve designed this strip light package as an inexpensive testing option for those who are unsure about what our different non-waterproof ribbon lights have to offer. It is available in your choice of neutral white or warm white.

This plug-and-play LED light kit includes:

  • one 6 inch section each of our Flexible, High Density, and High Density Brighter LED Strips; and one 8 inch section each of our Softview™ and Brighter LED Strip Lights
  • (5) Flexible LED Strip Light DC Plug Connectors
  • (1) 5-Way DC Splitter Plug
  • (1) 12W 12V DC Plug-In Adapter

Setting up this kit is easy. Just attach each of the strip sections to one of the Flexible LED Strip Light DC Plug Connectors by pulling the tab on the DC Plug Connector out, sliding the strip in, and securing the tab. (Just make sure the polarity of the strip matches that of the connector. If the strip doesn’t light up right away, simply slide the other end of the strip sample into the connector.) Then plug the DC Connectors into the 5-Way DC Splitter Plug, and connect the splitter to the plug-in DC adapter. This setup allows you to see all of the strips lit up at once, and it’s portable, so you can visualize how the light is cast on different surfaces in different rooms in your home or business.

  • Adapter Wattage: 12W
  • Strip Voltage: 12V DC
  • IP Rating: IP40
  • LED Chip Type: 3528 SMD (Softview™, Flexible, High Density),
  •       5050 SMD (Brighter, High Density Brighter)
  • Ambient Operating Temp.: -68° ~ +176° F / -20° ~ +80° C
  • Fixture Surface Temp.: 68° ~ 104° F / 20° ~ 40° C
  • UV/IR Radiation: None
  • Lifespan: 50,000 hours