Felt Wall-Mounted Unicorn

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Product: Felt Wall-Mounted Unicorn
Retailer: Planet Fur

Little unicorn – felt mounted unicorn head – with magnet

New in the Planet Fur family! This little unicorn is a bit shy, but with a bucket of stardust and some kind words I'm sure she's willing to cheer up any room that needs some original decoration.

Though her character fills a whole room, with approximately 4,5 inches tall and 4,5 inches (11 x 11 cm) wide, she doesn’t need much space.

Super-original addition to any home, office, lodge or treehouse.

I added a strong magnet inside the back of the unicorn. You can also hang the unicorn's head on a nail on your wall with the little loop at the back.

Highly decorative one of a kind 100% woolfelt* Jackalope's head made and designed by Planet Fur.