European Hemp Ropes

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Product: European Hemp Ropes
Organically grown European hemp. 3/16 ” – 3/4″ thick. $19.92 – $24/kg.
We stock our sweatshop-free hemp ropes & regularly produce them in Europe.
Hemp ropes are great for the garden, laundry lines (after peroxide whitening), nautical uses, interior design, toys, home projects, signs big and small, as well as insulation for log walls. They make great chest handles and dog & cat toys, too (dogs love chewing on hemp; they just love the smell of raw hemp).
We are constantly blown away by the many beautiful works of art and commercial products (such as railing for balconies and stairs, canvas frames, chair backing, drapery hold-backs, sculptures, hammocks, pet toys, swings, arbors) that our customers have created with our hemp ropes over the years. Thanks for sending us the photos! We greatly appreciate them. In the third photo in the Image Gallery above, our 100% hemp rope and hemp webbing are used to make artisan willow baskets and trunks.
Our high-quality, clean-twisted 100% hemp ropes are made in Europe from organically grown European hemp for true purity and environmental sustainability. Sweatshop-free. Chemical-free. Sold by weight.