English Horn Travel Clothes Brush

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Product: English Horn Travel Clothes Brush

Our ENGLISH HORN TRAVEL CLOTHES BRUSH is designed to help you maintain your wardrobe. It is compact and easy to use at home or pack in your suitcase for a trip.

Using the brush regularly will save you trips to the dry cleaner and preserve your clothing. You can remove surface dirt and dust and freshen items before returning them to the closet.

Our ENGLISH HORN TRAVEL CLOTHES BRUSH is handcrafted using natural materials that are sourced ethically from renewable resources.

Our Travel Clothes Brushes are made from 100% biodegradable horn from oxen or cows and the natural bristles are boar.

No horns of any species endangered or threatened with extinction are used.

To preserve the beauty of your natural horn clothes brush please follow these guidelines:

  • Clean using soap and tepid water.
  • Avoid chemicals, abrasive cleaning materials, and strong detergents.
  • Wipe occasionally with a cloth sprinkled with a small amount of vegetable oil
    to preserve the luster.