Enamelware Coffee Mug

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Product: Enamelware Coffee Mug
Color: White

A sturdy milk-white porcelain enamel mug. Made with glossy, scratch-resistant porcelain enamel. Can be heated on the stove top or over a camp fire. Made in Austria.

This wide enamelware coffee mug is unbreakable to see you through every last one of your drowsy morning coffees. Tough porcelain enamel can be heated right on the stove top or an open flame – even in the oven – so this is a great all-around heat-and-serve vessel, particularly if you’re keeping things very minimal in the kitchen.

Porcelain enamel won’t affect the flavor of what’s inside, and even the richest oils can be fully washed off the surface, so go ahead and drink coffee out of it in the morning, then sip tomato soup out of it at night.

The surface doesn’t harbor bacteria like a crack in ceramic, and doesn’t have any harmful chemicals to leech like BPA in plastic.

The company that makes these containers has been specializing in porcelain enamel for over 80 years, but started in 1550 (that’s 461 years ago, if you don’t have a calculator handy) as a pan-making firm. Despite being very old, the company strives to produce their enamelware with a minimum of energy waste. They have their own hydroelectric power stations, reuse generated heat three times over, and are working toward fuel oil-independence.

  • Material : Porcelain enamel coating, Metal core
  • Dimensions : Diameter: 3.9 inches (10 cm), Volume: 0.5 liters (a little over 2 cups)
  • Care : Dishwasher safe
  • Made in : Austria Also available in enamelware.