Enamelled Plates And Bowls

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Product: Enamelled Plates And Bowls
Color: Blue, Cream, Gray, Green, Red
Retailer: Variopinte
brand: Variopinte

This line of enameled metal dishware consists of three sizes of dinner plates whose forms were inspired by the tops of tin cans. They are very flat, lightweight, easily stackable, and unbreakable. 

In addition to the three dinner plates, there is a deeper plate and two sizes of bowls. 

The vibrant color of these dishes is obtained by crushing natural pigments that are mixed in with glass powder. It is a little bit like a chef creatively preparing a recipe with a variety of spices.

The plates cook in an oven at 800 °C, which gives them form and strength and allows the material to become uniform throughout. The color is applied by hand, making each piece one of a kind.

With a range of 11 colors, everyone can find the color they love and that works best for the occasion, whether for a party, a picnic, an event or simply having “Variopinte” on the table everyday.

Dish Washer proof.