Enamel Lunch Box

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Product: Enamel Lunch Box

A round enamel lunch box with a stainless steel handle and a remarkably strong seal. Made the traditional way, by fusing layers of powdered glass onto steel at temperatures reaching over 1400 F.

These containers are heavy, with a lovely, satisfying heft that is acheived by a labor intensive process involving four individual layers of enamel, which are baked between each coat in tremendous kilns.

The body and lid of each lunch box is formed from one large sheet of steel, so that there no joins, seams or weak points.

With its smooth rounded rim and solid feel, true porcelain-enamel such as this is non-porous and therefore extremely hygienic. These boxes are made using hydro-electric power from a large stream that runs past the 200 year old, family run factory.

Stovetop, oven and dishwasher safe.