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Product: Emotionelle
brand: DelRae Roth
Retailer: Parfums DelRae

Emotionnelle Eau de Parfum

The Creators: DelRae Roth / Michel Roudnitska

The Inspiration: DelRae explains, “I wanted to create a perfume, inspired by a long stay in Paris years ago. It was a very transforming time for me, Paris became my adopted city and a symbol of having a life filled with possibilities. It was a great luxury to have this time without an agenda, to explore and follow your intuition each day.”
Creation of the perfume began with a list of some of the things that DelRae had noted in her journal— melon, violet, roses, dried fruits, spices. The perfume is an ode to the emotional power that scent plays in all of our lives.

Notes: Melon, Tangerine, Bergamot, Violet leaves, Jasmine, Rose, Prune, Cedar, Vetyver, Clove, Amber