Emergency Candle Box

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Product: Emergency Candle Box

This Emergency Candle Box has an appealing vintage design, with a useful contemporary practicality about it. The metal makes it quite solid and the drawer that slides out, with room for several candles, and a small box of matches, is utterly functional and smart. The top of the box includes a small candle holder for the “wee willy winky runs through the town” sort of feel. Also, a nice sturdy handle on one end for carrying, just solidified that visual.

I found one of these attractive Candle Boxes in France several years ago, and thought it was brilliant. I immediately felt that everyone should have one of these in each bedroom of their home, as a necessity in case of an emergency, such as temporary power failure, hopefully being the worst case scenario.

The Emergency Candle Box comes without candles or matches. I do offer the correct size candle on my site, as well as wooden matches, though they are not small enough to fit inside the drawer but best kept next to the Candle Box at the ready.