Emblic Leaf Pillows

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Product: Emblic Leaf Pillows
Retailer: Ferse Verse

Emblic Leaf Pillows

Instead of cotton or feathers, this small pillow was filled with dry emblic leaves. When you embrace it, you will smell the fragrance of the leaves.

Production Process
Leaves are removed from the plant. They are put into boiling water to kill germs. After that, the leaves are put under strong sunlight until they are completely dry. They are then being inserted into pillows. In case the pillow gets dirty after months of usage. The leaves can be taken out from the pillow and this production process can be repeated.

Emblic in Chinese Culture
Every part of the plant has different usage. Its fruits can be made into jam and pickle. Its bark has a medical usage of curing and preventing skin diseases. Its stem can be made into furnitures.

In old times, Chinese people always offer their children this kind of pillow because of its enhancement of ventilation. It is also believed that the leaves can relieve body pains.

Materials :
Pillow cover – pale peach soft linen, it was hand bleached by Ferse Verse
Pillow lining – cotton linen in cream color