Elevate Bike Rack – Poplar

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Product: Elevate Bike Rack – Poplar

A perfect way to display and store your bike in your apartment, room, or common area without taking up much space. Use it as a shelf and put books on top, a lamp, or even your riding gear.

Poplar is a high quality hardwood that has a beautiful darker grain over a light tan surface. This wood is perfect for staining, as it comes finished with a 220 grit and natural finish. So it is ready for a home DIY staining project right out of the box or display it in its natural beauty! This rack measures in at 14 wide, 12 deep, and 5 tall and has a 2 inch notch that will fit any bike frame I’ve encountered.

The mounting bracket for this bike rack can be bolted into a stud or used with drywall anchors. Mounted into a stud has been proven to hold 130+ pounds, but mounting with a heavy duty drywall is also very sturdy as they are rated at 100 lbs each. Stud mounting hardware is included. If you have any questions please email me!

  • Handmade item
  • Materials: Poplar, poly stain
  • Made to order