Elekit Tube Amp Vacuum Tube Amplifier

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Product: Elekit Tube Amp Vacuum Tube Amplifier
Retailer: Case-Real
brand: EK JAPAN
  • design: Koichi Futatsumata
  • manufacturer: EK JAPAN(Japan)
  • project: vacuum tube hybrid stereo amplifier
  • circuit components: tone control stage / tubes(2x 6SN7GT), power amplifier stage / semiconductors(IC)
  • rated output power: 10+10W
  • rated powe consumption: 38W
  • rated power source: 100V AC 50-60Hz
  • input / sensitivity: rear RCA jacks / 560mV(For component type player), side mini phone jack / 180mV(For portable music player)
  • frequency response: 5Hz-50kHz(-3dB)
  • dimensions: W.265 x H.103 x D.151mm(millimeters, including projections)
  • body weight: 2.6kg
  • special feature: automatic sleep mode(at no input signal)
  • Design of a new generation vacuum tube amplifier for EK Japan Co.,Ltd.(Fukuoka, Japan) who develops numerous electronic kits(gadgets targeted at both children and adults).