Elefant Rectangular Beer Garden Table

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Product: Elefant Rectangular Beer Garden Table
Retailer: Manufactum

Hot-dip galvanised steel strip; oiled Robinia wood. In two sizes:

Large: 120 x 70 cm, height 74 cm, folded measurements 99 x 120 x 12 cm. Weight 19 kg.

“Elefant secure”: garden economy seating. By us with Robinia wood.

This garden furniture is normally only used for economic purposes and in restaurants with patios or outdoor seating, as it is an unparalleled invention with a robust design evident by its logo, “elefant secure;” this seating lasts decades. For us it is planked with weather-resistant Robinia wood. Initially, it is furnished with a pigmented primer, improving the UV-protection; then, an intermediate sanding ensues. Finally, the wood is oiled; this protects for a long time against graying. If you do not like the graying afterwards, you can counteract it with wood care products.

The frame: galvanised steel strip.

For the solidly processed frame, a 6 mm thick steel strip is used; it is protected with a zinc layer created during the hot-dip method. This strip protects essentially better and more sustainably against corrosion and hard impacts than powder coated frames. The table and chairs can be folded together and stacked. The legs are furnished with detachable plastic studs for protecting sensitive surfaces.

Chairs, tables, and benches.

When selecting and developing our garden furniture, our focus – mindful of the extreme conditions in which the furniture may find itself – is directed particularly at the quality of the material employed. Correspondingly, metals are corrosion-proof, if not rust-proof; for wood selection and processing, we focus on that which is most important: especially weather-resistant (grown distant from the Tropics!) woods that can endure the weather without additional surface protection – an oil-based treatment protects against graying; in this way, the furniture remains optically pleasing. And, varnish is used only when the character of the furniture requires it.