Eco Brilliant Paints

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Product: Eco Brilliant Paints

State-of-the-art odorless, water thinnable urethane-alkyd emulsion. Combines the advantages of both modern acrylic and traditional oil formulations. Available in Brilliant or Satin finishes, both equally durable.

Surfaces: All properly prepared and primed interior or exterior surfaces. (Not suitable for floors, or interior walls and ceilings.)

Applications: Windows, doors, trim, siding, cabinets, shutters, garden furniture – as a rule, ECO is suitable for use on surfaces which previously would have been coated with Brilliant or Satin enamel. ECO is the ultimate exterior housepaint–especially when used during the construction phase where all wooden elements are encapsulated with FPE Oil Primer or ECO Primer and painted on all sides before nailing in place. This system can be expected to yield fifteen to twenty years of beauty and protection. ECO is not recommended for exterior use on masonry surfaces, stucco, or homes which have previously experienced moisture related paint problems.

Colors: ECO Brilliant is available in white, 10,000 FPE colors, 3,000 Pantone colors and an unlimited number of custom tinted colors.

Please visit the website for more details & range of colors.