Ecdysis Bench

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Product: Ecdysis Bench

Ekudishisu bench pattern print

Easy to fold it can be, light and easy to use good bench.

Ekudishisu bench, furniture to be used in outdoor also want to use to custom to your liking, it was born from such ideas.

Armrest compressed cedar. Yes dug grooves etc. definitive cup, but so easy to cause to defeat it might be good to use to put the snacks.

Just the right size feeling to sit stuck in the parent-child and couples. Camp, of course, also be used in the house, even with when you relax and put out to the veranda and garden. Bearing surface is good cotton 100% of texture. Yes put out the strength in the backing.

(True timbre only, and it will be made of Cordura nylon.)

Because there is work to re assembled from decomposing the ready-made goods once, it may take some time to delivery.

You may also like stick a small crack in the process.

In order to perform the decomposition and remodeling, you will to the fact that sales of furniture used.

You can not basically guarantee other than the initial failure.

Only those who can your understanding and acknowledgment to the above, thank you to purchase.

At the time there was a subscription and payment, it will have to proceed with the work as what was your understanding acknowledge.

Seat will stretch slightly to one to go with. Please note.

Anything other than the bench is not included.

  • Installation size ( approximately ) width 1090 í— depth 560 í— height 665mm
  • Storage size ( approximately ) width 1090 í— 640 í— thickness 85mm
  • Weight ( approximately ) 4.5kg
  • Load capacity ( about ) approximately 140kg ( one side 75kg)
  • The seat surface / 100% cotton ( backing both ) armrest, armrest / compression cedar ( natural wood compression material) pipe / aluminum
  • Aluminum pipe frame: Made In China
  • Armrest & Seat Cloth: Made in Japan
  • Assembly In Tokyo Japan