Duravit Vero Bathroom Sink 04541000241 White Alpin

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Product: Duravit Vero Bathroom Sink 04541000241 White Alpin
brand: Duravit
Color: White

Cinema screen or computer monitor, fridge or milk carton, a room, a table, this brochure: our world is inconceivable without the rectangle. Perhaps this is why we are so attracted to Vero: the forms of this ceramic range are entirely restricted to the rectangle. It’s a restriction that gives rise to new possibilities: this is because Vero is one of the most versatile ceramic ranges of all time. With minimalist design at its core and the strong support of Duravit’s ceramic tradition and expertise, Vero is impressive in terms of its form, function and quality.

  • Vero Washbasin with overflow/ with tap platform
  • 39 3
  • 8″ InchAdditional informationFor installation parts ceramics larger than 39 3
  • 8″
  • 2 sets of washbasin fixations are required