Drop Blue Oil Cloth

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Product: Drop Blue Oil Cloth
Retailer: Nonchalant Mom

I just want to start by making it clear that this is sold by the meter, when you order a quantity it’s per meter (for example you want 3 meters you would choose qty. ‘3’), secondly I would like to make it clear that this is a final sale because I am cutting this from a roll, and finally one meter = 1.09 yards or one meter = 39.37 inches and the fabric width is 145cm or about 57 inches. I was also a bit surprised when I got this “fabric” because it’s not your typical oil cloth, it is not shiny and plastic-y it almost looks like fabric, the modern version of oil cloth! any which way, this is a great way to bring Rosenbergs wonderful patterns into your home! The hard part is choosing your pattern! ha!