Dried White Figs

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Product: Dried White Figs
Retailer: Gustiamo
brand: Santomiele

Dried White Figs from Cilento by Santomiele

  • Rare White Fig variety from Cilento, Campania
  • Stuffed with almonds, raisins, orange peel and a splash of rum
  • Stunning packaging, wrapped in real fig leaves
  • 130 gr – 4.5 oz

Antonio Longo is an ambitious young man with a mission. His grandfather bought six hectares of farm land in Ogliastro, Cilento, near the archeologically rich area of Paestum , south of the Amalfi Coast. His grandfather died in the 1970’s and after 20 years of neglect, Longo took over the farm in the 1990’s. His mission, to restore production of the rare and delicious “Dottato Bianco” — White Dottato — fig, a prized Cilento variety. His figs are unique “FICO DOTTATO BIANCO DEL CILENTO” and Gustiamo has secured them for you. Antonio sun-dries the figs on the roof of his house on large flat baskets. These figs have a dense white pulp that is extra sweet and more tender and fine seeded than the coarse Turkish, Greek or Calabrian figs one usually finds in the market. Stuffed with almonds, soaked in rum and fig mollasses with citrus peel and raisins, they are gift wrapped in fig leaves. The packaging is artistic, the scent and flavor of the figs irresistible.

This is a delicacy you won’t want to miss. Production is limited and seasonal so buy whenever you have a chance.